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|VERIFIED| Download Free Basic Calculator

Windows Calculator offers three basic modes: standard, scientific, and programmer. Standard mode is what you would expect from a typical basic calculator, with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Scientific mode adds exponents and trigonometric functions, and programmer mode allows you to perform operations related to computer programming.

download free Basic Calculator

Not only is Windows Calculator free, but it is also typically included with Windows systems. If the app is not included, or it gets corrupted, then just follow the instructions above to download and install it.

ClevCalc is actually a bunch of calculators all in one. Not only does it have the basics like a currency and unit converter, but it also has everything from a fuel cost calculator to an ovulation calculator.

It also features a ton of different color options and the option to add or remove the memory buttons. Other than that, you can change how decimals appear (1.5 or 1,5) and view your history by swiping down from the top. It's super simple, but also more customizable than most basic calculator apps.

This app is for anyone who needs more scientific calculation options. It has a basic calculator too, but the emphasis is on the scientific portion. You can work on complex problems to your heart's content, but it can't graph anything.

This app finally brings a somewhat original name (even if it is just a shortened version of "calculator"). CALCU has both basic and scientific layouts, a bunch of slick themes, and even an option for adjusting the font.

For those who want a dedicated graphing calculator app, Desmos Graphing Calculator is for you. There's not even a basic calculator interface here; it's all about the graphs. The app makes it easy to program in and plot multiple functions, then use sliders to adjust them. You can even start with some of the app's example graphs for some help.

StuartSpeaks Calculator does the job with basic calculations. But, that is all you can get from this program. The calculator that comes with most OS already does the bare-bones arithmetic functions and much more. At most, the Calculator App is useful if you cannot open the pre-installed Calculator of your OS.

Calculator Soup is a free online calculator. Here you will find free loan, mortgage, time value of money, math, algebra, trigonometry, fractions, physics, statistics, time & date and conversions calculators. Many of the calculator pages show work or equations that help you understand the calculations. If you don't find what you need, we are always happy to consider requests for new calculators or additional features and information. Contact us for Calculator Requests and Suggestions.

Freeware programs can be downloaded used free of charge and without any time limitations. Freeware products can be used free of charge for both personal and professional (commercial use).

This license is commonly used for video games and it allows users to download and play the game for free. Basically, a product is offered Free to Play (Freemium) and the user can decide if he wants to pay the money (Premium) for additional features, services, virtual or physical goods that expand the functionality of the game. In some cases, ads may be show to the users.

Calculator & Math Solver is a simple and basic alternative to the built-in calculator app for iPhone. It provides you with four tabs, a basic calculator, a scientific calculator, a fraction calculator, and a currency converter. A feature that we liked in this app, is that you can use voice dictation to dictate your equations onto the calculator.

However, the pro version also disables ads and adds a feature to scan math problems and add custom themes to your calculator. Although if you are looking for just a basic alternative to the default calculator app, Calculator & Math Solver app will suffice.

It has a basic set of options to help you with converting quantities. It has a currency converter, date and time conversion, and a few converters to help you with geometric dimensions. However, all of these features are not free and require you to purchase the pro version. Further, the pro version also disables advertisements.

ClevCalc is one of our favorite calculator apps for iPhone. It comes in with a neat, good-looking user interface. The best part of this app is that it provides you with a huge number of calculators, apart from just the basic and the scientific calculator.

However, the free version provides you with all other important functions and does not come with any intrusive ads. Therefore at this point, we can conclude that this is a must-use app for anyone studying math and wish to use a calculator, especially for Algebra.

You also get a manual to understand and use the app. This is something we appreciate, especially for first-time users of a scientific calculator. However, this app misses out on a graphing feature. The free version covers all important features, but purchasing the pro version will get rid of the advertisements too.

This basic online calculator is similar to a small handheld calculator and has the standard four functions for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Like most 4-function calculators it also includes keys for percent, square, square root and pi. This basic calculator has decimal precision up to 10 digits and offers these functions:

Number Keypad Control: You can use the calculator with with most Number Pads and Keyboards in the most popular browsers for numbers, clear, and the basic functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and delete/backspace.

Now we have the basic apps sorted, but what if we need more. Students with advanced algebra probably use calculators more than anyone else and they deserve an app that offers them a calculator which solves their trigonometric functions and logs. Pcalc does is its job and offers advanced functionalities like sine, log, exponents, square, square roots, etc.

The layout of the keys is neatly arranged in different colors like the numbers are white, the basic functions (+,-, x,/) in blue and advanced functions in grey. Calcbot has all the scientific calculator functions present, although you may see it lacking inverse trigonometric functions of sine, cosine, etc. Well, you can press the up arrow on the top left of the keyboard to reveal the functions. Creative use of space and keeping the number of buttons to a minimum while simultaneously increasing the usability of the app.

You've improved your basic calculator app, but your app doesn't yet handle exceptions, such as user input errors. For example, if users try to divide by zero, or enter an unexpected character, the app might stop working, return an error, or return an unexpected nonnumeric result.

For any business student, it is an immensely difficult task to navigate finance courses without a handy financial calculator. While most basic financial calculations can technically be done by hand, professors generally allow students to use financial calculators, even during exams. It's not the ability to perform calculations by hand that's important; it's the understanding of financial concepts and how to apply them using these handy calculating tools that were invented. Our web-based financial calculator can serve as a good tool to have during lectures or homework, and because it is web-based, it is never out of reach, as long as a smartphone is nearby. The inclusion of a graph and a schedule, two things missing from physical calculators, can be more visually helpful for learning purposes.

A free online calculator for basic arithmetic. This free calculator is available for desktop and mobile devices. Big keys and easy to use. This simple online calculator is great for anyone who doesn't need more advanced features.

The following video gives some basic instruction for using a calculator. It begins with some very basic instructions for using the online calculator, and then moves on to slightly more complex operations like calculating percentages for discounts and tax. The instructions are quite generic so apply to any simple calculator.

Virtually every device with a mobile OS comes preloaded with a calculator app, and Google's products are no different. The aptly-named 'Calculator,' which comes on Google's phones and tablets but is available for download to any device, has just hit 100 million downloads on the Play Store.

The Google Calculator is a pretty simple calculator, but it's nicely designed and easy to use. You can add, subtract, multiply, and divide (of course), but there are also basic trigonometric, logarithmic, and exponential functions. It even has an Android Wear version. As stated previously, it comes preloaded with all Google phones and tablets, and even other phones like my Moto G5S Plus, but it can be installed on virtually any Android device. I often install it on Samsung and LG devices I use just because I like the look better than those OEMs' own calculator apps.

Some loan calculations can be very simple, and the purpose of the simple loan calculator spreadsheet below is to demonstrate this with Excel. Unlike many of our other mortgage and loan calculators, our Simple Loan Calculator uses just the basic built-in financial formulas to calculate either the payment (using the PMT formula), the interest rate (using the RATE formula), the loan amount (using the PV formula), or the number of payments (using the NPER formula).

Another feature is the graphing calculator mode. Teachers and students will benefit from a better basic graphing calculator experience on Windows 10 because of this functionality, which allows them to plot and analyze numerous equations as well as modify equation variables.

The Qualified Business Income Deduction calculator is an Excel tool provided by California Child Support to assist Guideline Calculator users in determining the amount of any Qualified Business Income deduction (QBID) they may need to enter in the Monthly Deduction Information section of the Guideline Calculator. The QBID calculator provides only an estimated amount based on the information entered by the user. Do not use the QBID calculator for tax return preparation or for any purpose other than support calculations. Only the original Excel tool available through this link should be relied upon by the users. Any version downloaded and presented by others may have altered formulas affecting the result. This calculator tool was developed by Ventura County Child Support Services and has been certified by an independent Certified Public Accountant.


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