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What Can I Buy To Sell On Ebay

To maximize your profits, you need to buy closeouts when they first become available and resell them before the demand starts to wane. Often buyers attempt to complete a set or match what they already have and are willing to pay more because the item has become scarce.

what can i buy to sell on ebay

Another reason printer toner is a top item to resell on eBay is that ink and toner are relatively inexpensive to ship. Ink and toner cartridges are small and lightweight. You can store and ship them relatively cheaply, making them ideal for selling online.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of vintage music players, particularly turntables. Once seen as outdated technology, turntables are now prized for their warm, rich sound quality. As a result, they have become a hot commodity on sites like eBay, where sellers can earn a hefty profit by reselling vintage music players.

In addition, many buyers have music collections with no way to play them once their boom box or 8-track player stops working. As a result, vintage music players are likely to continue to be a top item for sellers on eBay.

Fortunately, SkuVault is an inventory management system that integrates seamlessly with eBay and is designed specifically for online sellers like you to help you increase profits and grow your eBay business.

There's no doubt that eBay has become a go-to place for anyone looking for a deal. But whether using traditional auctions, or the more popular Buy It Now option, what should you be going to eBay for first? And, what should you be selling on eBay to ensure you get the most money for your items?

Make no mistake, if you are looking for parts to replace the broken ones in your car or truck, the last place you want to get them is the dealership or specialist supply store. In every case (unless someone would like to prove otherwise), you are going to be paying significant markups, as these places have to support a large staff, building costs, and all the other overhead. When you shop on eBay, you have access to hundreds and thousands of parts from both licensed sellers, hobbyists, and people who find parts at wrecking yards. As always, you'll be protected by a guarantee from eBay, so if the part is not exactly as described, you can get your money back. Just remember, if it's a used part, you want to inspect it very carefully before having it installed.

Mark this one down as another category that most of us think is worthless. Or, at least not worth the hassle of selling. Actually, you'd be surprised. In particular, old curtains that may not suit your current décor could be highly prized by someone theming out their apartment or office, particularly if they have a very distinctive or "dated" pattern. What is out of style to some is very chic to others.

The same goes for sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, and all those fabric remnants that you have left over from craft projects. You can even sell fabric and upholstery scraps, and I mean the smallest off-cuts. Right now, a pound of leather scraps can sell for $20 including shipping; that's $20 you were about to throw in the trash.

What you have to remember with Lego is that the pieces you have may complete sets other people desperately want to build, and they will pay for it. Lego is also expensive to buy new, and that will never change. So, grab your Lego pieces and bag them up. You can sell them by the pound.

When you replace your cell phone, you may be tempted to do a trade-in deal. Don't do it. You will get a rock bottom price for it from the store, because they plan to sell it for a profit. Instead, gather all of the accessories, the charger, and hopefully the original box, and sell it on eBay. The thing that attracts people to used smartphones is that they are not tied to a contract. With a little digging, you may also be able to unlock your phone first, making it suitable for any carrier. A phone you may have gotten $50 for from a store could sell for over $200 on eBay, and it's as simple as taking a few photos and creating a listing.

The same thing applies to tablets, smart watches, laptops, and other technology. Even old, broken, and irreparable technology will sell, as it can be dismantled for parts. Do not simply throw these things out until you have first searched eBay for current prices.

The best part about selling phones on eBay is that eBay lets you create separate listings for used, refurbished, and new cell phones. This is unlike Amazon, where used phones have to share listing space with refurbished and new listings, which decreases visibility.

You can buy Amazon pallets of electronics and find used phones inside them. You can also purchase used or refurbished phones at wholesale prices from liquidation companies, then turn and sell them for a profit on eBay.

In addition to using musical instruments to play music, people also use them to decorate their homes. If you have a unique-looking musical instrument, you might be able to sell it as a home decor item.

If you have a limited edition Lego set, new or used, you can sell it for a couple of thousand dollars. Pre-owned Captain America and Iron Man Minifigures sold for $5,499 recently on eBay.

Regular Lego sets can be sold for around $5 to $12 per pound. If you want to make serious cash selling Lego, buy unique sets from generic online marketplaces or social media platforms like Reddit and resell them on eBay.

For example, a 19th-century carpet recently sold for $39,000 on eBay. Even large items like Victorian cabinets and Romani gypsy wagons have been known to sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

Popular gaming brands sold on eBay include Super Mario Bros, Wii Sports Games, Animal Crossing, and Pokémon Go. But the best-selling video game products are consoles like Sony Playstation, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Xbox 360.

If you have old records you no longer want, list them on eBay and make some money. More than 3.9 million listings of vinyl records were sold on eBay in the last 12 months, with some selling as high as $10,000 for a single record.

Empty bottles of hard liquor, like whiskey, bourbon, and wine, sell for a few hundred to thousands of dollars on eBay. In the past 12 months, eBay has sold over 3.3 million dollars worth of empty bottles.

The items you should avoid selling on eBay are illegal or counterfeit products, food, furniture, liquid products, animals, handmade products, firearms, digital products and medical devices.

Some items in the above list are prohibited by eBay whereas other items simply do not sell well. Regardless, if you stay clear of the products above, you should be able to generate sales.

ZIK Analytics provides valuable eBay metrics such as average product price, total revenue, and top-selling items in a category. It has three subscription plans starting at $14.99 a month.

Steve Chou is a highly recognized influencer in the ecommerce space and has taught thousands of students how to effectively sell physical products online over at His blog,, has been featured in Forbes, Inc, The New York Times, Entrepreneur and MSNBC. He's also a contributing author for BigCommerce, Klaviyo, ManyChat, Printful, Privy, CXL, Ecommerce Fuel, GlockApps, Privy, Social Media Examiner, Web Designer Depot, Sumo and other leading business publications. In addition, he runs a popular ecommerce podcast, My Wife Quit Her Job, which is a top 25 marketing show on all of Apple Podcasts. To stay up to date with all of the latest ecommerce trends, Steve runs a 7 figure ecommerce store,, with his wife and puts on an annual ecommerce conference called The Sellers Summit. Steve carries both a bachelors and a masters degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University. Despite majoring in electrical engineering, he spent a good portion of his graduate education studying entrepreneurship and the mechanics of running small businesses.

The beauty of eBay is the world of options that awaits sellers: you can list items at fixed prices or auction-style, use your own product photography, add your own descriptions, and can sell (practically) anything.

After selling unwanted items from home, eBay entrepreneurs tend to get bitten by the ecommerce bug and are eager to build full-fledged ecommerce businesses. Learning the basics of what to sell on eBay early can help transform a new eBay business into a solid supplemental income stream, or better yet, a primary one.

When scrolling through the results, pay attention to the Monthly Revenue and Monthly Sales numbers. Identify the best-selling products and search for them on eBay. More often than not, these products perform well on both platforms.

When you first sign up as an eBay seller, your account is free. As you grow your sales and listings, you can choose to upgrade to an eBay Store subscription. There are different levels of stores you can subscribe to, with different levels of benefits: Starter, Basic, Premium, Anchor, and Enterprise.

Thank you Brian. What a wealth of information you have so kindly shared with me. The mount of information and the way that you worded it was perfect for me. I have been wanting to sell on Ebay for quite awhile and now I feel that it is an attainable goal. Best regards, Todd Oeltjen

2. Taxes: Another responded asked about taxes but I felt your response was confusing. If I sell a book, I should charge the tax rate of where I am located? How would it be any different, its not like I know where the buyer will be located?

I have been debating whether to start selling on eBay but did not really know how to get started. I came across your article and I must say I found it extremely helpful, easy to follow, and have now made my decision to get started. Thank you for sharing. 041b061a72


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