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Jes Deinterlacer Is A Deinterlacer For Quicktime Movies Versions |LINK|

JES Deinterlacer is a deinterlacer for QuickTime movies. It can also do standards conversion (PAL NTSC), change field dominance, reinterlace and inverse telecine.Additional features: trim, simple color corrections, noise reduction, reduce jaggies, create pitch preserving slow motion sound track, reverse movie, change movie speed.

Jes Deinterlacer Is A Deinterlacer For Quicktime Movies Versions

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Advanced Re: best way to deinterlace? Welcome! Log In Create A New Profile Message List New Topic Print View Reply Quote best way to deinterlace? (January 18, 2010 01:49AM) dkag7 Hi All,I have a sequence that is set to NTSC (Lower field first).Clips on the timeline are mixed, most are lower first, but some clips are upper (HDV).I converted one HDV clip to NTSC in compressor, so now it has lower field first, but i am still worried that it may have problems on the final DVD (and also the other HDV clips on the timeline).So how can I make a progressive DVD out of this?1. Add a deinterlace filter to the once HDV clip & the remaining HDV clips, if so what filter is best?2. Change the sequence settings to 'none' in the field area and re-render?3. Do not change the sequence settings, but render out a MOV with progressive settings?4, render out the sequence as is (lower first) and then use JES deinterlacer?I am going to use bitvice to make the MPEG file for the DVD, so I'd like to get the exported MOV file from the sequence to be progressive first, before going into bitvice.... to me, that seems like the best way for this..Thanks in advance for any help on this!Kurt Reply Quote Re: best way to deinterlace? (January 19, 2010 03:15AM) Craig Seeman If the source is interlace why are you going through this to make a progressive DVD?There are many ways to deinterlace and some are more "intelligent" than others.Compressor's Frame Controls is very good.Episode's deinterlacer is excellent with many user controls.I don't know if BitVice has a deinterlacer or how good it is but the only way to find out is to test.I'd say doing it with FCP is probably the least effective since it isn't likely to involve edge or motion detection.I don't see any reason to go through all this if your source is interlaced and your target is standard def DVD.If your source were progressive there'd be motive to keep it progressive but I don't see how going the other way around is going to help since deinterlacing to get progressive is not the same as having progressive source. Reply Quote Re: best way to deinterlace? (January 19, 2010 03:39AM) ronny courtens I agree with Craig. When you de-interlace interlaced footage you reduce resolution by half, no matter how you do it. So there really is no benefit in de-interlacing if your final destination is SD DVD.Best wishes,Ronny Reply Quote Re: best way to deinterlace? (January 19, 2010 11:51AM) dkag7 Thanks for your replies,What concerns me is that some footage is lower and some is upper field first.So i am figuring that the safest bet is to deinterlace itAre you saying that because some footage is lower, and some is upper, to not worrie about deinterlacing??thankskurt Reply Quote Re: best way to deinterlace? (January 20, 2010 11:13AM) ronny courtens No you shouldn't worry about deinterlacing. Export your sequence as a QuickTime movie using Current settings, then convert to MPEG2 using Compressor. All your exported footage will be lower first, same as your sequence settings.Best wishes,Ronny Newer Topic Older Topic Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum. Click here to login


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