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Sebastian Ross
Sebastian Ross

The guy behind the camera is Hasan Karacadag. He has directed some great Turkish horror movies like Dabbe, Bigas, Bikini, and Khande Kebab. He has also directed a handful of other foreign movies. His style is to get the most of his camera, often giving us little to no back ground on the actors in the scene. He doesnt care much for dialogue, and his characters are represented using visuals. And the best part of the movie, is that its not just a horror flick. The last third, has a weighty moment of drama. It manages to make its jaw-dropping genre moments a part of the film rather than its scary-afresh moments.


Shame there is no full review for this film. The film is an unofficial sequel to the original Dabbe, 2006. Dabbe 5 is a little like the remakes of Hostel, but with even more bad luck. Here, the (lack of a better term) 'jackbabies' are now what's left of humans. Some to gruesome death but some have been used as flesh pincers.

Lets go ahead and talk about the positives of this movie. First of all, its cheap, hilarious, and lets be frank, it will give you nightmares. Secondly, it doesnt go in-depth, even though its meant to be a supernatural horror. And the last thing is that the turkish take on the jinn is well done. Perhaps, it was made with particular importance on the historical aspect of this religion. The movie is just as scary in your typical Hollywood way.

2-This movie is based on real-life events happened in Turkey, and any religious fanatic will be apprehensive about its release. But, as we know, Hasan Karacadag, an acclaimed Turkish director did an excellent job with this movie. He has directed other movies like Bigas (1996), Bikini, (2005), Khande Kebab (2005).


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