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Red Garrote Strangler

Buhram used his cummerbund or rumāl, with a large medallion sewn into it, as a garrote to execute his killing. Through sheer skill, he could cast the rumal to cause the medallion to land at the adam's apple of his victims, adding pressure to the throat when he strangled them.[citation needed]

Red Garrote Strangler

The garrote was a Spanish execution device used to kill someone by strangulation or damage to the spinal cord. Garrote is used to mean strangulation in general or a weapon a person would use to strangle someone.

Today, the garrote and other cruel execution devices are illegal in most places. As its Spanish origin hints at, the garotte was used for torture and execution by the Spanish Inquisition. According to Spanish chroniclers, King Philip II of Spain was known to personally order Protestants to be killed with the garotte.

In popular culture, a garrote is a common weapon used by the protagonist Agent 47 of the Hitman series of video games. He is depicted holding a garotte on the cover of the video game Hitman: Blood Money released in 2006.

Few murderers in history ever spread so much terror as the madman who roved the Boston area from June 1962 to January 1964. The headlines called him the Boston Strangler, but the killer did not garrote all of his 13 victims. One 85-year-old woman became so frightened when he manhandled her that she died of a heart attack; he killed a 23-year-old Boston University graduate student by stabbing her 22 times, carefully spacing 18 of the wounds into a perfect bull's-eye... To continue reading: responsiveAd(className: "subscribe-link",ads: [type: "desktop",size: "142x70",cm: position: "subscribebtn", type: "text",type: "tablet",size: "142x70",cm: position: "subscribebtn", type: "text",// Mobile 300type: "mobile",size: "142x70",config: zone: "219200",site: "28275",size_x: "142", size_y: "70",type: "-1"]); or Log-In

Carey, who in 2008 was sentenced to 20 years in prison for attempted murder after trying to garrote a former neighbor with a necktie a year earlier, is currently incarcerated at MCI Concord, a medium-security facility in the northeastern part of the state, Blodgett said.


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