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The Wire Season 1 Download Kickass

likewise, rust and marty have been dealing with a looming crisis all season long, and they get close to nailing it in a way that feels both cathartic and profoundly right. but if youre wondering whether or not the narrative inertia kicked in and threw them a real curveball right at the end, well the answer isnt an easy yes or no. for one thing, the show made it clear at the end of season one that this could be its final season, and the ending left much to be desired (mainly, imo, due to the sudden transition to telling an entirely new story). for another, i dont think that any other season could haves been a better homage to the original, if that was even possible. to start with, none of the characters are changing, except for one, and that one in a way that feels big and true and respectful. characters like bob and jerry are going to go on, and youre just as aware that they never really went away. the problem with that is that there arent really any characters left to go on with, which is the other thing that didnt work about the original. we know that these two men arent going anywhere. and by resolving this in the time that it took to shoot, theres no time to build whatever new environment it would take to show the end of things. you can only take this as the genuine ending of the story, without all of the extraneous stuff that pads out the original hours of the show, because theres no time. theres just rust and marty and the boss and the scientist who never got to have that moment of confirmation.

the wire season 1 download kickass

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