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Doors Script NEW

autotom - Tue Sep 07 08:59:55 EDT 2010 Thanks, I've read that thread and the -W flag (which I guess is equivalent to -nowait) helps in that the newly opened command window is automatically closed instead of waiting for the user to press return. However, what I need is a flag that executes the DXL in my original command window (instead of in a different process in a different window), so that I can access standard out and standard error. As it works now, I have no way of accessing the output from the script. So as before: the problem remains.

Doors Script NEW

autotom - Fri Sep 10 02:47:11 EDT 2010 OK, cout and cerr works for me. I also found out that it is the print statement that causes a new command prompt window in Windows to be opened. If I remove all print commands from my DXL script, no window is opened. Thanks.

I am trying to develop a script to execute to change ONLY the existing door swings to 45. (Instead of opening an existing view - select all type - change to 45 - select another door type - change to 45)

I took you advice on filtering and re-worked the script. It is so close, and I must be missing something small. The filter is too restrictive somehow - because only one (1) existing door changes to a 45 (even though all of the existing doors that did not change to a 45 have the same properties to the one that did change).

I am so green at dynamo but trying this for fun. I wanted to do the same thing but I am using a on off parameter to control the doors swing! any help would be great I tried using the above and changing the parameters but it keeps breaking lol

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I have a door open/close script i have created. It works with tags. If raycast hits object tagged with "door" it opens the door. However it opens all the doors in the scene. Does anybody have an alternative i can try?

But the script is on all doors. So it is effectively saying to each door, "if the raycast hit any door, open this door". You want it to be more like "if the raycast hit this door, open this door".So, change it to...

What is that gateOpen and how is it related to the door?Because i think that you are checking if the raycast hit a door, and then just opens a door, instead of accessing the door open script on that specific door that it hit.(like hit.GetComponent.().open(); for example)Also, it's easier on resources if you are using collider.CompareTag("tag") instead of checking against a string.

Bare with me, I pretty much made this script myself and I'm new to scripting. (don't be afraid to give me basic tips) This script is the only script used and it is attached to the door, should I instead have it on the player?

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