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Sebastian Ross
Sebastian Ross

Download HITMAN 3-CODEX Update V3.20.0-CODEX

That was just the start of my problems after attempting 25x with the last effort being as soon as I cross the bridge go to the right and stick at the waters edge basically hugging it Im able to make it to the back of the cemetery hop the small wall stay in the bushes because if I move an inch forward I will ctd throw a coin back at the wall to get the undertaker attention then pacify him get disguise destroy 3 birds nest take same route back to get to the front of cemetery talk to maid so she calls Madame but Madame walks to the front of cemetery which I cant get 10 feet of without ctd. So I decided to finish her with the family photo instead after the completion I headed for the gate to exit compound immediately after hoping on motor bike ctd tried 10x so I uninstalled and deleted now Im in the process of downloading another copy this time with Gofile instead of torrent fingers cross and I will use crackfix I didnt apply it previously. But I honestly dont think the crackfix will fix this ctd will know soon enough and will update post I honestly was going to wait for fitgirl to release a copy.

Download HITMAN 3-CODEX Update v3.20.0-CODEX

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