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Edward Ivanov
Edward Ivanov

Westone Um3x Rc Buy

Thanks for the prompt reply. I am able to find someone selling just the left side of um3x locally as he lost his right side. Just wondering if the sound will be different? Do you have such experience before? Thanks alot

westone um3x rc buy

Thanks for your reply. missed out your reply and just managed to see this today. Unfortunately i lost the left side of my um3x today due to loose cable. Now i gotta look for an upgrade to um3x or preferably similar priced iem that sounds good/better than my um3x. Personally, i enjoy um3x sound signature but then again i have not tried many high end iem and am open to suggestions. Do you have any recommendations? thanks alot

Im trying to decide between the westone um30 pro or the w40, can you please give me a comparison of the two? I mostly listen to hip hop so i like a bit of bass, which one do you think is better for that? Also, is comfort levels the same for both?Thanks so much, love this site

while other earphones may have detachable cables, they have inferior cables that will break while westone and earsonic wont. okay, i may be over hyping it, maybe it's right to say it can last atleast 5years of heavy use.

i personally prefer the triple fi and also like the westone 3, note: every time i compare the triple to w3, triple make the w3 highs sound a bit recessed, also makes the w3 long for more punch,,, in addition the highs on the triple fi are so delightful and sparkle with fast rock and pop without sibilance or hurting your ears, the triple does need more thickness if that means anything, but it is more defined and exciting, and come on, its no that bad a fit as long as you use the bi flange tips, but i would agree not as comfortable, in fact even thou i think they are better for monitoring tv, news, talk, etc. i find myself using the w3 because they are more comfortable. but the sheer addictive precision and sparkle and definition of the triple fi makes me pic it over the westone 3.. now having said all of this, i am getting some um3x:) 041b061a72


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