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Ace Attorney - Search Results

The Indiana Law Course required for all attorneys admitted to the Indiana bar via Indiana's administration of the Universal Bar Exam or transfer of a UBE score from another jurisdiction is now available.

Ace Attorney - search results


The Office of Admissions and Continuing Education will be accepting all submissions through the Indiana Courts Portal from attorneys. ACE will no longer be accepting materials via US mail or email from attorneys.

In early 2001, when Edgeworth was nine years old, someone stole his lunch money. The suspect at the time was fellow student Phoenix Wright, who had skipped P.E. that day due to a terrible cold. The next day, a class trial was held with Wright as the defendant. Everyone was shouting that Wright was the culprit, but both Edgeworth and Larry Butz, another classmate, stood up for him, saying that no one had any proof that he was responsible. The class trial ended and the three boys became almost inseparable friends. Edgeworth deduced that Butz was the thief, but admired the way the boy had stood up for Wright, so he let the issue go. Edgeworth would often talk with his friends about his father, famous criminal defense attorney Gregory Edgeworth, whom he idolized.

The police called upon a spirit medium, Misty Fey, to find the killer. She channeled Gregory, who accused Yogi of the murder. Yogi was subsequently put on trial, with Robert Hammond defending him. However, Yogi feigned temporary insanity and got a not guilty verdict. The insanity plea, however, ruined his reputation, with his fiancee committing suicide shortly after the incident. Meanwhile, media outlets found out about Misty Fey, and the resulting scandal ruined the reputation of her family. Miles subsequently developed a hatred for defense attorneys and spirit mediums, calling Misty Fey a "fraud".

After passing the bar exam, Miles Edgeworth joined the District Prosecutor's Office at the incredibly young age of 20. Ordinarily he would not stand in court at such an early stage in his career. However, he got his chance when, during the trial of Mack Rell, the defendant accused the prosecutor, Byrne Faraday, of being the Great Thief Yatagarasu and ordering him to murder Deid Mann, the victim in the case. Edgeworth was scheduled to replace Faraday due to conflict of interest on Faraday's part, but before Edgeworth could begin his trial, both Faraday and Rell were killed during the recess. It was during the investigation of their murders that Edgeworth first met Byrne's daughter Kay Faraday, veteran detective Tyrell Badd, and rookie detective Dick Gumshoe, with the latter being a prime suspect for the murders. Badd dismissed Edgeworth at first, but the young prosecutor's logical prowess earned him Badd's respect in the end. Edgeworth eventually found that Calisto Yew, the defense attorney for the case, was the Yatagarasu and the true killer, but it turned out that she was also an agent of the smuggling ring that had ordered Mann's death. She escaped by shooting at Edgeworth, who avoided being killed only by Kay's timely intervention. Gumshoe was so impressed by Edgeworth that he swore to stick by the young prosecutor's side from that day forth, much to the latter's annoyance.

After the previous false start, Edgeworth finally got his courtroom debut. His opponent was defense attorney Mia Fey, who was also new to the courtroom. His case was against Terry Fawles, who was accused of murdering Sergeant Valerie Hawthorne, a policewoman who had testified against Fawles five years prior to the case. Edgeworth's arrogance was especially evident in this trial, as he would repeatedly refer to Fey's youth and inexperience, despite being inexperienced himself and even younger than her. At one point, he called her a "novice bimbo" merely because she had gotten the upper hand; while Edgeworth has been known to use ad hominem attacks, he has never been nearly as derogatory toward a woman before or since.

Manfred's relentless tactics allowed him to take complete control of the trial, until Wright's co-counsel Maya Fey, whom Edgeworth had prosecuted months before, persistently pressed a witness, causing her to be arrested in contempt of court. This action allowed Wright to turn the case around to adjourn the trial, and Edgeworth paid Maya's bail in return. The next day, Larry Butz put another wrench into Manfred's plans by suddenly bursting in to testify. This allowed Wright to pinpoint the real location and time of the murder, accusing the old boat shop owner of killing Hammond in his boat shop and then posing as the defense attorney in the boat. The next day, Wright accused the man of being Yanni Yogi, out for revenge, and Yogi eventually confessed to his true identity and the murder. The judge declared Edgeworth not guilty.

At this point, both Edgeworth and Wright suspected that Gant was the real killer, so Edgeworth offered to cooperate with Wright. Lana tried to get herself declared guilty, but Edgeworth ignored her confession and called Ema to the stand to ask her about the SL-9 Incident, as she had witnessed the murder. It turned out that Edgeworth had only gotten half of the evidence list, and Wright had found the other half in Gant's office. An argumentative struggle followed between Wright, Edgeworth, and Gant, and although Gant tried to implicate Ema as the killer in the SL-9 Incident, Wright came up with a clever trap to expose him as the real killer of both Goodman and Neil Marshall. Gant told Edgeworth that he was no different from himself, and that one day Edgeworth would understand why Gant had done what he had done. Nevertheless, he commented to the judge that "you can't go wrong" with Edgeworth and Wright around. This troubled Edgeworth; he still blamed himself for the results of the SL-9 case, and he feared he would become a lone vigilante like Gant.

In reality, Edgeworth had left America in an attempt to make sense of everything that had happened to him, and to figure out what being a prosecutor truly meant. He secretly helped with Gumshoe's investigation into the death of the Berry Big Circus ringmaster Russell Berry by phone, advising the detective to order a surprise search of Acro's room. Franziska, who was the prosecutor for the trial, conducted the actual search, but was furious when she found out that the search had inadvertently caused her to lose, although both Wright and Franziska were unaware of Edgeworth's involvement. After the trial, Edgeworth told Gumshoe not to be too harsh with Acro.

In February 2019, Wright discovered an apparent murder scene at Hazakura Temple, and fell into the nearby Eagle River while trying to cross a burning bridge to try to save Maya. Wright was taken to a hospital with a bad cold, but no major injuries. Edgeworth learned of this from Butz (although he was led to believe Wright's injuries were much worse than they actually were) and chartered a private jet from Europe to get to the hospital as quickly as possible. Once there, Wright gave him his magatama and attorney's badge. Edgeworth was asked to defend Iris in the murder of Elise Deauxnim in Wright's stead.

After the trial, Edgeworth turned the role of defense attorney back over to Wright and instead assisted in the police investigation, with Gumshoe soon finding the murder weapon. Iris's similarity to the witness Dahlia Hawthorne in Edgeworth's first case drove him to re-investigate the old case, but he was unconvinced that Hawthorne had anything to do with Deauxnim's death, since she had already been executed for murder. Meanwhile, Maya Fey was apparently locked inside the Inner Temple. Iris was called to remove this lock with Edgeworth guarding her, but during this process, an earthquake shook the area and Edgeworth's fear caused him to faint. This gave Iris an opening to disappear, leaving five locks on the door to the Inner Temple. Iris was later found and she began once again to break the five locks. Wright got Iris a not guilty verdict in court the following day.

On March 27, Edgeworth visited the detention center to see Knightley, only to find that he had been murdered. He tried to investigate the crime, but the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee (P.I.C.) had other plans. Judge Justine Courtney was sent to hand over Edgeworth's investigative authority to Sebastian Debeste, claiming that Edgeworth had stepped out of line by boarding the president's plane and ordering a search of the president's officials. Edgeworth suspected that the incident was being tampered with, and to this end, he resolved to act as an assistant to Knightley's intended attorney, Raymond Shields, who was a former assistant of his father and the current owner of Edgeworth Law Offices. Shields refused this offer at first, but Gumshoe and Faraday convinced him that Edgeworth had abandoned Manfred von Karma's teachings.

Courtney and Debeste accused Simon Keyes, an animal trainer working for the Berry Big Circus and Knightley's childhood friend, and Shields took on Keyes' defense. The next two days had Edgeworth encounter an incarcerated Sirhan Dogen and endure repeated threats by Courtney to take away his badge. However, in the end, Edgeworth found prison director Patricia Roland responsible for the crime, and she was arrested. Shields realized that Edgeworth really had changed, and offered him a position in Edgeworth Law Offices as a defense attorney.

A few months later, Edgeworth once again faced Phoenix in court, albeit this time with Maya as the defense attorney's assistant for the first time in about a decade, when he prosecuted Ellen Wyatt for the murder of Dumas Gloomsbury. Larry Butz also made an appearance by taking the stand as a witness. Phoenix eventually won the case by proving Pierce Nichody to be the real killer.

However, Edgeworth's determination to find the truth is difficult to stop. At one point, he callously revealed the background of a witness to get her to testify. He has also become a valuable ally to Wright, challenging him in one of his darkest and most vulnerable moments, and agreeing to defend a case for him when he was incapacitated. Edgeworth has even joined in on cross-examinations against his own witnesses, teaming up with the defending attorney in order to pry the truth from the witness. Edgeworth has also drawn inspiration from Wright's audacity in hopeless situations in several of his own tight spots. 041b061a72


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