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Edward Ivanov
Edward Ivanov

PS4 Second Screen .APK PATCHED Download

The first method to enable full-screen utility for the outer display is an officially supported method. In this, we use Good Lock, a Samsung app that allows you to download a breadth of apps that enhance the look and feel as well as the functionality of any Samsung smartphone running the One UI interface. Because this is an official method, it is also the most secure method to run apps in full-screen mode on the Galaxy Z Flip 4's outer display.

PS4 Second Screen .APK Download

Not at all. One clever feature is the use of your device as a second screen when on your PS4, allowing to - for example - use your touchscreen for on-screen navigation, its keyboard for typing, etc. The only gripe here is a few compatibility issues with touch gestures and the lack of games using the second screen functionality.


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