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Edward Ivanov

Broken Devilz

THE IMAGES ON THIS SITE MAY NOT BE USED OR REPOSTED ON ANY OTHER SITE WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT This site deals with this subject matter: a woman in a leg cast and other casts as a sensual experience using nonsexual (e.g. G and PG rated) imagery. It treats casts as sexy legwear. Recreational casting causes no pain or injury. Enjoyment of pain and injury is not what this site is about nor does this site condone hurting oneself or causing pain to others in order to wear a cast. This site does not condone and explicitely condemns any form of child pornography. Because the site deals with these themes it may not be suitable for minors. Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved by I & A. Inc. For all Broken Angelz content This includes material copyrighted under, SITE CONTACT TROUBLE SEEING PICTURES ON THIS SITE? Watchguard, Zonealarm, McAfee, Norton USERS CLICK HERE!

Broken Devilz

I'm honoured for this remix @gloomysounds I made devilz back in 2016 at a time of being homeless, battling depression and trying to figure out my sound and launch @yungldn This encapsulated that emotion perfectly for me. I will be back soon. Thank you for everything.

(Izabella - Aircast to SLC (custom))6 days ago(2/1)Izabella - Aircast to SLC (custom)$ Javiercast(pictures and videos)6 days ago(2/1)pretty women with cast and crutches$ Broken and Beautiful- What's New -(Sarah LAC SLWC hunter boots, 15 min)8 days ago(1/30)ORIGINAL PHOTO AND VIDEO CONTENT FOR PEOPLE WITH PASSION FOR CASTS ..........6072 PICTURES,80 VIDEOS,28 LIVESTREAMS (50+ hrs)and still growing, updating more than 20 times a month"WHAT'S NEW" section added$ L.C.F. Special- What's New -(Britney)8 days ago(1/30)Britney l l c visit$ Joe's Clips- What's New -(Roxy the Realtor's Faux Med LLC, 27 Min)9 days ago(1/29)Joe's Clips & PicsRoxy the Realtor's Faux Med LLC, 27 MinGet Clips à la carte, Discreet PayPal Transactions, 10mp imagesRoxy the Realtor's Faux Med LLC, 27 MinRoxy (formerly Adina) is a realtor with a broken leg in an LLC showing a property. Her cast is clearly weeks old. They meet out front and he's immediately interested in her LLC. She shows him around the property, but at this point he's more interested in her cast than the property and keeps making comments about it. Eventually she offers to let him sign her cast if that will get his attention back on the real estate. She can feel some chemistry so she quickly gets up and continues showing him the property but steps on her cast and needs to sit down. This time he rubs her feet, but Roxy, in an effort to keep things professional, gets up and once again steps on her leg and gets her crutches caught on some furniture. She asks him to get her over to the bed and hold her leg up. He holds her leg, but can't resist touching her toes and leg. There's more to this story to come!

Kim Marvel everyone's favorite fetish femme fatale makes a special appearance in her heavily signed llc telling us about a day in her life with a broken leg. She explains how she gets around in her very angled llc - the first thing is she doesn't wear panties with her cast. Then she goes out and shops, taking you through her day shopping in her wheelchair and going to a restaurant on crutches - and she talks you through everything as she does it. When she gets home she bags her cast and you and her get into the tub together and she continues telling you about her experiences. When she is out of the tub she uses her ass to get down the stairs in her cast. Nudity.


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