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Mafia 3 Soundtrack [NEW] Download

mafia iii soundtrack is available in 3 formats: cd, vinyl, and digital download. on the cd, you get the full album on one disc, along with the bonus track, love me, love me. when you download the album digitally, you can pick from a number of different download options: all the songs in a single zip file, or pick and choose from different sections of the album. finally, you can pick up the vinyl copy if youve got a turntable in your life! mafia iii soundtrack includes a bonus track, love me, love me. you can also listen to the entire album and listen to the bonus track below.

mafia 3 soundtrack download

the soundtrack for mafia iii spans more than three hours of music, spanning from the sound of the automobiles, the sounds of the people, to the sounds of the tropical climate. there are plenty of memorable tracks, including a rendition of the doors classic, new orleans is sinking, but like the game, its not your typical soundtrack.

the artistry of this soundtrack is on a whole other level than the games. the choice and usage of instruments is outstanding with real horns, strings, and choir as well as other electronic instruments. the result is a haunting, emotional and powerful combination.

the music of the game truly is timeless and the original game score is the perfect soundtrack to accompany your playthrough. you will not be disappointed when listening to this soundtrack, and you will have a blast watching the game.

a game isnt just a game, it is an experience. you get to experience a whole different time period, culture, and design. this soundtrack connects you to this experience and allows you to hear a little about the world that made this game.


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