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Sebastian Ross

Nas - Stay (Instrumental) HD ***ORIGINAL VIDEO*** DOWNLOAD LINK 'LINK'

Instrumental music is protected by copyright laws. If you wish to use instrumental music that has been published and copyrighted, you may have to purchase a licence from both the copyright owner and the publisher. There are various types of license depending on how you wish to use the instrumental, for example, for commercial use, for performing, on CDs and records or for digital configurations such as full online downloads, limited-use downloads, on-demand music and video streaming.

Nas - Stay (Instrumental) HD ***ORIGINAL VIDEO*** DOWNLOAD LINK

Look for instrumentals on the Internet that artists have put up for free use on websites like There are many artists that willingly create music that is intended for free use and are available for download. If you wish to use music on a video that you want to upload onto a social networking site or a video sharing site, you can use AudioSwap, which was created by YouTube, to legally add music from their list to your video. AudioSwap provides a list of songs that they have licensed for you to use. Read More: How to Get a Copyright for an Instrumental

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